Flyer: Learning languages through Immersion in day nurseries, kindergartens and elementary schools

Verein für frühe Mehrsprachigkeit an Kindertageseinrichtungen und Schulen FMKS e.V. (Hgs.), Autor/-innen: Prof. Thorsten Piske und Dr. Christine Möller

Strukturebene: Bund

Information for Parents


• What is Immersion?

• Is immersion suitable for my child?

• Are there different kinds of immersion?

• How does immersion work?

• Which languages can be used for immersion?

• Who are the teachers/ caregivers in an immersion program?

• What are the results for the foreign language?

• Will my child learn enough?

• How about the home language?

• Should my child learn the majority language (German) first?

• How can I support my child‘s language development?


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