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Making prevention work - Preventive structures and policies for children, youth and families

Stephan Grohs, Niclas Beinborn, Nicolas Ullrich

Strukturebene: Europäische Union

This comprehensive report maps the preventive structures and policies for children, young people and families in 12 European countries. By examining what works in each of the countries surveyed, the study aims to provide a foundation for the development of preventive policies across Europe.

The report includes summary fact sheets of the preventive concepts, structures and practices in 12 EU member states (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England (UK), Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden) as well as a synthetical chapter which compares the national approaches in terms of their overall preventive approach, their administrative organization, financing and other aspects of the governance of prevention. In addition, it presents conclusions for the national and European level.

Despite widespread awareness of the need for prevention and a common European frame of reference, existing preventive concepts and measures vary greatly across Europe. There exist different approaches of targeting and universalism. The most urgent problem in most countries is to coordinate offers between sectors and the life-course to develop community-driven, integrated preventive care that brings services closer to people where and when they need it. The visibility of such services and general awareness of them must be strengthened.

Making Prevention Work draws on research findings associated with the German initiative Leave no child behind! (Kein Kind zurücklassen!) that show how local support mechanisms and institutions can have a positive impact on disadvantaged children and their families. The initiative demonstrates just how effective a few good preventive measures can be in improving the educational opportunities of disadvantaged.

In addition to the comprehensive report presented here, Making Prevention Work features three case studies on Austria, Netherlands and France which deepen the findings of this comparative study.


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